Little Blue Zebra are a family business selling high quality art prints for children's nurseries and they came to me with a specific brief. They wanted me to build and develop an e-Commerce website selling their art prints, and they wanted a continuity of their own brand design to be reflected across the entire site. Little Blue Zebra were to provide their own designs and my job was to then build the site according to their specifications.


Graphic Designer Adam Downes was responsible for the overall design of the images for the website, in keeping with Little Blue Zebra's other promotional material.

My job was to recreate this for the web and ensure that the aesthetic of the website reflected the customer's vision for their company. In building classic but high quality pages the artwork was set off to its best advantage. The challenge was in making sure the technical requirements while building the site fitted with the overall design requirements. It was a collaborative project, in which I constantly liaised with the client on every step of the site building process.


I was provided with the original Photo shop files which would then provide the basis for the build. Although the site looks relatively simple because of its clean design, simplicity can be deceptive! Some of the CSS involved was a little time consuming but it was needed to make sure that the site always looked as it should in relationship to the original design specifications. The finished product looks as close to the original photoshop files as it was possible to achieve in a website format. As well as recreating the design using html, CSS, and PHP, I also needed to build a working shopping cart and database functionality, and the overall result is a site that not only looks clean and effective but works on a practical level too.

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Little Blue Zebra Testimonial

Having provided ICM Studios with the design templates for our website, we were delighted with the finished build. They went the extra mile to ensure that we have a website we are really proud of. We have since decided to make a few changes and additions to the website, including a new zoom function for our images. Unsure of what our options were, ICM Studios provided the ideal solution, which we are really pleased with. Friendly, helpful and reliable, we would definitely recommend ICM Studios to anyone looking to build a website.