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With over 17 years experience collectively producing visual effects in Feature Film, Commercials and TV Production, ICM Studios has helped produce some visually stunning portfolio pieces. ICM Studios has also been developing, designing and producing websites for small businesses, and individual clients.

Please visit our web design and development portfolio to get examples of our work and what our clients say about us! We are mainly based in Crowborough, Sussex but we are right next door to Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and have great links with London, and its surrounding areas as well as the Midlands.

ICM Studios is a group of artists that utilise modern technology to produce work for clients remotely - this means there is less overheads and we can offer more competitive rates. If you want to have a chat to us about a new project please visit our contact us page.

We have a passion for VFX

ICM Studios are passionate about creating original and stunning visuals, priding ourselves on producing a high standard and quality of visual effects.

Our latest work can be seen on the Independent feature film 'Nightmare Hunters'.

We mean Business

We take business seriously and we aim to offer the best customer service and experience to our clients and customers. We have an easy to manage and follow tracking system that helps ensure we produce high quality visuals on time and within budget.

Iskander Mellakh - Creative Director & Freelance Visual Effects Artist

Remote Autodesk Smoke on Mac

ICM Studios is lucky to have ties with the highly skilled and experienced Autodesk Flame and Smoke operator Adam Fenwick. With over 10 years VFX experience working on TV programmes and high end commercials he has got a vast portfolio. Get in touch to find out more about what he can offer!


Watch some of ICM Studios' artists reels by clicking on the images above. If you would like to find out more about how ICM Studios can help produce Visual Effects or Motion Graphics click here.

latest VFX & design news from ICM Studios

Fracture FX Key Features video series

We had the pleasure of working with the guys over at Fracture FX and helped them create a series of videos showing off the key features of the destruction solution Fracture FX. Below is just one of the videos we produced!

Find out how to get 25% off a copy of Fracture FX

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