Hazel Diamond required a small but bespoke website promoting her skills as a semi-permanent make-up artist. She wanted to get her business up and running as soon as possible, so required ICM studios to come up with a clean, sleek and professional website quickly, on time and within a restricted budget.


For this website ICM Studios was responsible for all of the design and layout requirements. The website was developed with constant liaison with and feedback from the client to create a fresh, easily-navigable website that promoted Hazel Diamond’s business in the most accessible and clear way.

The website design was conceived, produced and executed over a period of 3 and half weeks which meant the client could begin their business in a quick turnaround time. The project required efficiency, organisation and keeping to tight deadlines in order to deliver the finished products within a close time-frame.


As well as designing and developing a bespoke website for the client, ICM Studios also created a brand look for Hazel Diamond’s business, editing and amending the existing business cards in keeping with the look of the new website, as well as producing an A1 size promotional poster and advertising leaflets.

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Hazel Diamond Testimonial

ICM Studios was absolutely phenomenal with the delivery of my website( and not only did ICM Studios deliver but 100% met all my expectations. My website was done in only three and half weeks, which included eight pages, HD photos and the amazing colour scheme. I am so thankful that I was recommended to ICM Studios. The ingredients needed for any successful website is Creativity, Uniqueness and Efficacy, I needed my website to stand out from the crowd. Thank you ICM Studios, will most definitely use you again, Hazel Diamond.