Fracture FX Key Features series

ICM Studios was approached by Fracture FX to develop and create 12 videos under the direction of Kevin Mannens and the team at Fracture FX. The videos were produced to demonstrate their procedural destruction plugin for Maya.

Our goal with these videos was to show how quickly and easily you can create art directable FX shots within a tight time frame.

Fracture FX's client reel - AMAZING!!


Fracture FX has been used on feature films, TV and commercials around the world by many Post Production houses, its user base is growing rapidly and it's great customer service support will help you get your shots signed off quickly!

As well as being used heavily in VFX it also gets used in the production of games.

If you want to test out the capabilities of the plug-in you can download a trial version of the great plugin here:

Watch the key features videos

To find out more about the great features that Fracture FX has to offer have a watch of the videos below.