Below are some photos I have taken using a Nikon D80 & Nikon D3000 SLR. There has been no other manipulation done to these images other than some colour correction and maybe the odd vignette!

Software / media used: Nikon D80, Nikon D3000, Photoshop.

Train Tracks
Funky Window Cleaning Van in Lewes - Sussex
Wispy Fog windermere
Pink Flowers By the Sea
Grafitti Soho
Rain Droplets
Road Trip
Sunset at Ashdown Forest East Sussex
Abstract Photo of Ashdown Forest, Sussex
Dragon - Fly!!
Lovely White Flowers!
White Flowers
Old Funky Car
Purple and White Flower
Old Boat Hull
VW Van
Seaside Boat
Whitstable Beach Huts
Wet Bumble Bee
Big Gun Close Up 02
Big Gun Close Up
Big Gun :)
Spider - Close Up!
A lovely old Car!
Another Tilt Shift - High Brooms
High Brooms Train Station - Tilt Shift
China Town - London - Tilt Shift
China Town - London
Central London
London Skyline
Tunbridge Wells Gasworks
Tunbridge Wells Gasworks | Extreme Colours
Tunbridge Wells Gasworks Close Up
Graffiti in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Gasworks 06
Pipes in Perspective
Gasworks 04
Gasworks 03
Gasworks 02
Gasworks 01
Close up Of Terminal
Long Exposure
Tea Anyone?
Crashing Wave
Blue Sky
Eye Close Up
Birds Attack!
Three Piece Band
Pull Focus Portrait
Dennis Again!
Spooky Gate at night
Camera 2010
Dennis 2010
Harry 2010
Dennis The Sleeping Tabby Cat
Car Park Image 02
Car Park Image 01
Snow is Falling
Strange but True
Sky at Dusk
Tree Close Up
Close up of Tree